Local Love – Gift Shopping

At The Second You we are committed to our community. To us that means doing work right here in Colorado, serving our Fort Collins based clients, investing in our local economy, spending time in our vibrant town, and giving shout outs to the venues and people we love that make this place one of the greatest cities on earth.

local love 1In February, we were hired by a husband (on about February 8th in classic dude fashion, but we don’t judge) to put together a Valentine’s gift for his wife. We chatted on the phone with him for a bit, asked the important questions, and then we set out to put together a “Local Love” gift package that would make his wife fall in love all over again.

He informed us that what his wife really wanted was for them to spend time together, so we called in a reservation to a great restaurant, The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm, and we began to create a themed gift package that would fulfill her wish. We included goodies like “Love at the Theater” – A gift bundle for The Lincoln Center, “Love at the Movies” –  A Lyric Cinema Cafe gift certificate, and “Love at the Coffee Shop” – a gift card to The Downtown Artery Cafe. We continued to theme the basket with classics from Bizarre Bazaar, hired a local artist, Savage Painter, to do a small, custom art piece, and topped it off with cards, chocolate, a coffee mug, and flowers from White Balcony, Nuance Chocolate, The Cupboard, and Paul Wood Florist respectively. Final touches included chocolate and cards for his daughters.fritzler girls web

Needless to say, his wife was ecstatic and so was he. This guy spent under $300, including gifts and our time, for a memorable night out that he didn’t have to plan. The result was a happy wife which is the most important part, and collectively we ended up supporting our community. To quote this smart husband, “You Rock!!! Love the local love. Happy wife. Happy life.”

Let us help you plan a memorable day for your loved ones. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got lots of imaginative ideas.