Small Business Assistance

Wrangle Your Work

Corral your office obligations. When duty calls, deputize The Second You. We’ll saddle up to help with everything from short-term projects to long-range planning. Online, in line, offsite or under pressure, you can rest assured: this ain’t our first rodeo.


Ship Shape

Your office runs like a well-oiled machine … until you overlook the seemingly small details that can bring operations to a puttering, stuttering standstill, that is. The Second You specializes in the myriad minuscule tasks that keep your business steaming full speed ahead. We’ll parse your parcels, tackle the tallying, buy your supplies, file your folders and declutter your desk. With us on board, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. Just send up the signal: we’re here to help!


Filing, mailing letters, basic database entry, thank you cards, copying and scanning, mail sorting, business errands, non-profit help, basic bookkeeping, basic business research, transcription, holiday help – $35/hour

Website updates, fundraising assistance, social media assistance, business development – $50/hour

Clients can choose from a variety of options when working with The Second You. Flat rate pricing is available for projects with a clearly defined scope of work. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Clients are encouraged to set up regularly scheduled work days or task lists.
  • Clients are billed for an hour minimum and then billed thereafter to the closest quarter hour.
  • A 72 hour notice is required for all projects. An additional $25 will be charged for requests that are not within this notice period and these requests may not be guaranteed.
  • Requests that are less than 12 hours in advance are subject to an additional $50 fee and these requests may not be guaranteed.
  • Travel up to ten miles is included in our services. A travel fee of $.75/mile will be included for any additional miles accrued beyond the ten miles.
  • If a company credit card is used for purchases, a 3% charge on receipts will be added.