Personal Assistance

Tame Your Tasks

Subdue Your To-Dos. personal assistantThe Second You will churn through chores, confront your homefront hubbub and whisper to your wild things, with nothing up our sleeves but a whip-smart strategy for mastering the mayhem (not to mention the mundane).


Present Moments

It might be the thought that counts, but it seems like you’re still on the hook for buying wedding, birthday, holiday and housewarming presents all year long. The Second You can source, shop, wrap, ship or zip your gifts over to their delighted recipients. You can even outsource the “thought” part, and we’ll find just the right thing for the person that has everything. Give yourself the gift of time: Contact The Second You today!

all the kids for webParental Guidance

Loads of laundry, lunch packing, a list of school supplies longer than the checkout line … keeping it all together post-baby to pre-SATs is a tough task. The Second You can help prop up today’s worn-out Moms (and Pops), making sure the house is picked up and the chores are checked off, with plenty of time for date night. We’ll help plan that, too! Save the drama for somebody else’s mama. Call for positive reinforcements today!

Domestic Bliss

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the laundry is. Not to mention the piles of mail and mending, the neglected plants, the empty pantry … the list can seem infinite. The Second You is here to help with the household, so you can focus on just enjoying your home. From errands to organizing, house-sitting to grocery-getting, we manage the mundane so you can stay sane. Give us a ring.


Running errands, laundry, simple home tasks, gift shopping, check in on house, delivering lunch, stamping and mailing thank you letters, watering plants, clothes shopping, dry cleaning pick up, filing, date night coordination, meal planning, grocery shopping, coordinating child care, new mom assistance, relocation coordination, vacation rental preparation, car maintenance planning, holiday help – $25/hour

Property management, organizing, home office organization – $40/hour

Clients can choose from a variety of options when working with The Second You. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Clients are encouraged to set up regularly scheduled work days or task lists.
  • Clients are billed for an hour minimum and then billed thereafter to the closest quarter hour.
  • A 72 hour notice is required for all projects. An additional $25 will be charged for requests that are not within this notice period and these requests may not be guaranteed.
  • Requests that are less than 12 hours in advance are subject to an additional $50 fee and these requests may not be guaranteed.
  • Travel up to ten miles is included in our services. A travel fee of $.75/mile will be included for any additional miles accrued beyond the ten miles.
  • If a company credit card is used for purchases, a 3% charge on receipts will be added.