Asking For Help

I had a conversation yesterday with a client and friend who has been using our services for a couple years now. This client is a wife and working mother of two teenage girls. She hired The Second You to run errands for her once a week as well as complete occasional projects that are on her to-do list. She called me to tell me about several potential clients she was referring to me because she really believes that the time and sanity saved in her life by using our services is invaluable.

She discussed the difficulty that working women (including and maybe especially working moms) have asking for help when it’s clearly needed. I nodded in agreement and remembered that I started this company in part because of how busy my life felt and how much I was having to do all by myself. And I’m not even a mom! I am a business owner in need of business assistance, a single woman who has the need for a personal assistant to help manage dirty laundry, take out trash, run errands, and do dishes, a pet owner who needs pet sitters on occasion for travel or long days, and a person who likes to throw parties where I might find an event assistant useful.

I’m writing this only to tell you that we are here to help tackle your to-do list. All you have to do is ask! Parents, loving husbands, working moms, entrepreneurs, dog lovers, and party people, please reach out and ask for our assistance. We’re here for you!