Small Business

Wrangle Your Work

Corral your office obligations. When duty calls, deputize The Second You. We’ll saddle up to help with everything from short-term projects to long-range planning. Online, in line, offsite or under pressure, you can rest assured: this ain’t our first rodeo.

Messages and Marketing

Sometimes the hardest part of running your company is getting the word out about all you do and how well you do it. girl on a computer stock for webThe Second You can manage the business marketing tasks that are too small for a big agency but too important to overlook. Social media, graphic design, website management, savvy digital strategy, email, direct mail and more: The Second You can help make sure your customers — current and future — get the message. Contact us and get the scoop!

Ship Shape

Your office runs like a well-oiled machine … until you overlook the seemingly small details that can bring operations to a puttering, stuttering standstill, that is. The Second You specializes in the myriad minuscule tasks that keep your business steaming full speed ahead. We’ll parse your parcels, tackle the tallying, buy your supplies, file your folders and declutter your desk. With us on board, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. Just send up the signal: we’re here to help!

Event Horizon

Unless you’re in the event planning business, there’s nothing more complicated than getting a get-together … together. Pulling off a party, planning a company event, managing meeting space, conference facilities, catering and other plate-spinning can leave you bewildered, flustered and incapable of enjoying the very gathering that can make or break your business relationships. The Second You can flawlessly manage the details, so you can keep your mind on your clients and team, and let off some steam. Give us your guest list and let us handle the rest!