Business Assistant Clients

frameworks-timber final web

Company Type: Custom Home Builder
Task: Marketing Management
Greatest Success: Marketing these fabulous houses
CodeGeek, Harper Point Photography, Kendra Spanjer, NerdyMind
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Manage all marketing efforts including social media (Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook), postcard campaigns, print advertising, internal and external events, Mailchimp newsletter campaigns, web management and updating, client care, employee satisfaction, marketing budgets
Client Comments: “The Second You has helped us maintain a consistent effort in marketing that really seems to be paying off. Jeanie is well connected in the community, and that’s been a great asset in identifying marketing and outreach efforts. And she likes dogs, which is nice.” – Adrian Jones, Owner, Frameworks Timber


Company Type: Professional Speaker
Task: Business Assistance and Marketing Management
Greatest Success: This story
Collaborators: CodeGeek, Fortenbery Marketing, Tomas Herrera
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Sales, database management, social media, web management and updating, public relations
Client Comments: “Working with The Second You has made my life easier and my business better. Jeanie and her team increased my sales, improved my marketing and social media, and nurtured a huge amount of publicity about me and my business. I could not have done it without them.” – Jim Davidson, President, Speaking of Adventure

MuscleRestorationTherapy final web

Company: Wellness/Therapy Facility
Task: Social Media
Greatest Success: Starting a social media presence
Collaborators: Fortenbery Marketing, Rockolita Graphic Design
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Create and manage a Facebook page and web updating
Client Comments: “The Second You has been incredibly helpful in marketing my practice. The thing I love is that Jeanie has all of these different professionals at her disposal such as a graphic designer, a social media person, and web professionals so anything I need they can help me. And Jeanie is always there to make sure the projects get done correctly and on time!” – Mark Rise, Owner, Muscle Restoration Therapy

cottonwood creek final web

Company: Cottonwood Creek Farms
Task: Web Updates and Flyers
Greatest Success: Creating marketing material that increased sales
Fortenbery Marketing, Rockolita Graphic Design
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Update an existing website and add new content, photos and categories; create flyer for marketing
Client Comments: Coming soon!

bandwidth logo final web

Company: Cohere Bandwidth
Task: Event Assistance
Greatest Success: Victory ice cream eating and a perfectly matched outfit
Collaborators: Haley Priebe
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Assist with events
Client Comments: “The Second You has made party planning and execution go from excruciating to delightful. Their staff handles all the details so my staff can relax. I highly recommend Jeanie and her team to take care of the things you would prefer not to.” – Angel Kwiatkowski, Madame, Cohere and Cohere Bandwidth

Personal Assistant Clients

kaplan final web

Client: Dave and Lindsey Kaplan
Task: Day of Wedding Assistance
Greatest Success: A happily married couple
Collaborators: Jeanie Sutter
Location: Lyons, CO
(Note: Photo by Summer Maid)

To Do List: Help the bride not freak out; manage vendors and payment, manage communications from guests, decorate, manage any last minute details
Client Comments: I hired Jeanie with The Second You as my “Wedding Day Of Coordinator.” We met a few times prior to the big day where she asked many questions to be sure she could clearly see my vision for my wedding day. She was incredibly attentive to details and very thorough. Our wedding was two weeks after the big Colorado floods and our venue was in the mountains. This meant that many roads were washed out and alternate routes were required. In addition to normal wedding day details, Jeanie communicated with our guests via phone to help them safely arrive at our wedding. We could not have asked for a better experience! The wedding went off without a hitch! She allowed us all to truly enjoy our big day and not have to worry about a thing. I have since recommended her “Wedding Day Of Coordinator” services to my other friends. Thanks again Jeanie!

julie final web

Client: Julie Sutter
Task: Errand Running and extra stuff
Greatest Success: A client who can now cook her meals at home
Collaborators: Haley Priebe
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Do weekly grocery shopping, monthly home supply shopping, and other errands upon request
Client Comments: “Sometimes coming home after a long day at work can feel like an additional chore, not an escape. The Second You makes sure I’m not facing a whole other task list when I hit my front porch: dry cleaning is delivered, grocery shopping done, errands run … I can just relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Worth every penny.”

repert final web

Client: Amanda Repert
Task: LinkedIn Profile Update
Greatest Success: A great, new profile
Collaborators: Fortenbery Marketing
Location: Fort Collins, CO

To Do List: Review, edit, and recommend best approach to managing her LinkedIn profile
Client Comments: “Having little to go on in the way of professional social media expertise and even less time to devote to the task, Jeanie and The Second You team reconstructed my professional online profile to more effectively and efficiently market past and present career moves and work experience. The Second You helped me navigate engagement options and clearly define scope from the beginning. They worked with me throughout each phase and provided instructions for next steps. Ultimately, I am the beneficiary of a more relevant, new-and-improved professional online platform as a result of concise yet thoughtful descriptions, improved affiliations and endorsements, and expanded industry-related connections.” – Amanda Repert