Meet the Team

Jeanie Sutter
The Multi-Tasking Manager

Jeanie is a high-energy, multi-faceted multi-tasker. She likes people, projects and being efficient and believes in relationships that are based on authentic, honest communications. A bit of a free spirit and an entrepreneur, Jeanie saw individuals and small businesses in need of assistance of all kinds and created The Second You in the hopes of giving a bit of sanity and time back to her clients.

personal assistant

Alicia McMahill
The Professional Personal Assistant

Alicia is a Colorado native, a former paraprofessional and has three grown children. When she isn’t working, she enjoys coffee, reading, spending time with her dogs or writing in her planner.

Kimberly Nelson
Event Planning Extraordinaire

With a keen eye for the world around her, Kim has a way of seeing events from all angles–foreseeing problems that may arise and steering your event toward success. In her free time, Kim can be found reclaiming wood into art, exploring the mountains, biking the trails, finding zen on her mat or just chilling on the couch with her husband and their pug.

stacia cropped website

Stacia Fortenbery
The Social Media & Marketing Mastermind

Stacia is a digital marketing expert assisting with all things related to marketing, public relations and social media marketing. Stacia brings creativity and thoughtfulness to all of the accounts that she works with, providing thorough ideas with a solid rationale. Stacia is also a fan of trashy tv, celebrities, messy buns, and mimosas.

rachael weiss website

Rachel Weiss
The Divine Graphic Designer

Creative from a young age, Rachael always knew she wanted to be an artist. She loves what she does and loves working with people. Rachael lives in Denver, but has clients all over the U.S. She’s a talented graphic artist, incredibly patient, and the salt of the Earth.

Charissa Beaubien
The Professional Pet Sitter

Charissa has worked with canines for over seven years. She has experience rehabilitating aggressive, fearful, and anxious canines of all sizes and breeds. She is currently the head trainer at Summit Dog Training, but has also worked as a behaviorist and trainer for the Weld County Humane Society and as an instructor for the CSU vet students. She’s a wonderful asset to The Second You and will love and care for your pets as if they were her own.

pet sitting

Jennifer Sun
Friend to your Fur Babies

Jennifer is a student at Colorado State University studying sociology and pre-veterinarian medicine. The last two years she has worked closely with a veterinarian in a small animal clinic, where she gained experience caring for all kinds of animals, from cats and dogs, to rodents and reptiles. She has a rescue dog named Lucy, whom she had to leave back at home in Oklahoma, so she’d love to care for your animals as her own. A devout yogi, her practice allows her to find balance and contentment in her daily life.


Lucas Cassidy
The Dude of the Dog Sitters

Lucas moved to Fort Collins two years ago from Florida. He has always had cats and dogs as pets, and currently has a Doberman, Keeshond and a Calico cat. When he’s not asking strangers if he can pet their dog, he’s either exploring the outdoors or just relaxing at home with his furry companions.

 pet sitter

Alex Bailey
Our South Carolina Sitter

Alex is a fun-loving sitter who has an infinite love for “four-leggers” big and small. She is a transplant to Fort Collins from South Carolina pursuing a Masters and veterinary school. Her previous experience ranges from reptiles and pocket pets to cats and dogs, with the occasional barn animal thrown in the mix. She’s excited to see what Fort Collins has to offer and what she can offer it in return.